Zakat calculator

  • Nisab

    The Nisab, It is how you will know if you are required to pay zakat for what you have,Ulamaa said it is better to calcuate nisab in silver and nisab of silver equal 595 gram (as they said it is better to chose the lowst of the tow Nisab and currently the silver nisab it is lower than gold nisab),And if you want to calculat nisab by using gold nisab you can do that and gold nisab it is 85 gram 24 karat of pure gold.

  • Around

    The Around, It is the duration you want to chose to calcuate zakat and it is eather Hijri or Gregorian date as you want to chose, and there is only one different beteen the tow dates the gregorian year longer than the hijri year so the zakat in gregian year equal 2.577% and the hijri equal 2.5%,And you should to know that the around begin when you reach Nisab until you complete one year without going down less than nisab.

  • Cash

    This value its mean what you have of cash and your balances in banks,even if your cash is loan it is will remove when you added in the debit value.

Silver price for one gram
Cash + Banks balance
Goods and merchandise Calculated at the selling price
Loans for you
Loans on you
Gold price Gold price for 1 gram of 24 Karat equal the currency you are using it for calculate zakat
Gram Price of 24K
Gold grams (Plz insert all count of grams you have in the fields below based in what you have of gold types in karat)
Silver price Silver price in currency that you are using right now for calculating zakat
One gram price
Silver grams
In Grams
Financial stocks
Investment funds
Investment funds
Installments on you
Installments on you that belong to the others
Installments for you
Installments that the others should pay it to you