Qibla direction from Sinpo

Qibla Direction from Sinpo, North Korea

From Sinpo, North Korea, the direction of the Qibla is 256° WSW directly to Mecca, and a distance of 8362.299 kilometers separates the two places.

Qiblal Direction🧭 256°
LocationNorth Korea, Sinpo
Time now2:50 PM
Distance between Sinpo and Mecca8,362.30 km
Latitude, Longitude40.036845, 128.183947

Qibal in Sinpo using map

Qibla in Major Places of North Korea

PlaceQiblal DirectionDistance
Anju256°8,166.52 km
Chongjin254°8,437.40 km
Chongju255°8,126.50 km
Haeju257°8,215.55 km
Hamhŭng256°8,312.49 km
Hoeryŏng254°8,415.12 km
Huichon255°8,201.74 km
Hyesan255°8,321.55 km
Kaechon256°8,184.45 km
Kaesŏng257°8,287.98 km
Kanggye255°8,206.00 km
Kimchaek255°8,425.83 km
Kusong si255°8,115.92 km
Nampho256°8,169.12 km
Munchon256°8,317.30 km
Phyŏngsŏng256°8,192.33 km
Pyongyang256°8,190.94 km
Rason254°8,463.83 km
Sariwŏn256°8,205.73 km
Sinpo256°8,362.30 km
Sinŭiju255°8,048.99 km
Songnim256°8,189.25 km
Sunchŏn256°8,194.04 km
Tokchon256°8,216.29 km
Tanchŏn255°8,408.80 km
Wŏnsan256°8,328.10 km
بيونغيانغ256°8,190.94 km